Dental Implant Restoration

When you are missing teeth, the simple act of eating and enjoying your food can become difficult. Smiling and laughing may become nearly impossible. You may find yourself avoiding situations where others might judge you.

Are you tired of hiding your smiles and laughs behind your hands? Would you like to enjoy fresh, crunchy, healthy food again – free from pain?

Dental implants just might be the answer.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a three-part system that creates an artificial tooth that looks and functions just like one of your own natural teeth. The first part is the actual implant. This piece is a small post made of titanium (a material chosen because of its biocompatible nature – it doesn’t react with your tissue, and your body won’t reject it). An oral surgeon places this post in your gum where your tooth used to be. As you heal, the implant actually integrates into the bone and tissue of your jaw.

The next piece is called an abutment. This piece fits onto the top of your post and gives the crown something to attach to. The third part of your implant (and the only part others will be able to see) is the crown. This crown is created in a dental lab to blend in perfectly with your other teeth in both color and shape. Once your gums have healed from your surgery, you return to our office to be fitted with your crown.

The Hidden Benefits of Dental Implants

The most obvious benefit of dental implants is improving the appearance of your smile by filling in the gaps left by missing teeth. While this is fantastic and we think it’s reason enough to get dental implants, the actual benefits of dental implants go much deeper.

When you lose your teeth, the bone in your jaw quickly begins to deteriorate. Without the need to hold your tooth’s root in place, the tissue atrophies. As time goes on, this deterioration continues, eventually affecting more of your teeth. Your remaining teeth may become loose and begin to drift out of place. You may eventually lose more teeth.

As more teeth are lost, the bone deteriorates further, changing the shape of your face and giving your mouth a sunken appearance. Your speech may start to sound different, and eating healthy foods becomes more of a challenge. You may start to suffer from malnutrition or gain weight if you turn to soft, heavily processed foods to avoid discomfort.

Many people with missing teeth also suffer from gum disease. Research has connected gum disease to serious health conditions including strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, cancer, and more. Every system in our body is intricately connected, and the health in your mouth has an effect on your overall health.

Dental implants stop this process in its tracks. When the post of your implant is integrated into the bone, the deterioration stops and even reverses. The bone in your jaw suddenly has a purpose again, and the presence of the implant triggers the bone to continue to renew itself.

Are you ready to discuss dental implants and find out how they can improve the appearance and health of your smile? Call our Sugar Land dental office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Grizzle.