Pediatric Dentistry

You’re busy. Every day you run from place to place, making sure your family gets what they need to stay healthy.

What if there was a way to simplify your family’s dental care?

Our Sugar Land dental office is the place where your family can get complete dental care, delivered by a friendly dentist and staff in a welcoming and convenient location. Your children have unique dental needs, and we get that. You can trust Dr. Reagan Grizzle to provide high-quality, modern dental care and get your children started off right.

What Children Need in a Dentist

As your child’s teeth come in, fall out, and are replaced by permanent teeth, their needs change. Good habits are learned early in life, and we take the time to work with your child to teach those good habits, setting your child up for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

Research has shown that your oral health has a profound effect on the rest of your body. Helping your child establish good dental habits ensures more than just a beautiful smile; it also provides a start to a lifetime of better overall health.

Children are inherently curious, and we are happy to take the time to show your child around our office, talk to them about the tools and instruments we use, and explain how everything works together, using child-friendly language.

Your Child’s Dentist Appointment

Many of your child’s dentist appointments will include x-rays. X-rays are one of our most important diagnostic tools. They let us see how your child’s mouth is developing, monitor growth, and look for potential problems. Using x-rays, we can see a cavity when it’s very small and see any early signs of decay. We can also watch for teeth that are not coming in correctly. This gives us the opportunity to treat early, while simple and conservative measures are still appropriate, and refer your child to a specialist (like a pediatric orthodontist) when necessary.

Your child’s exam will also include a visual examination of his or her teeth and the soft tissues. We’ll check for any signs of decay or early gum disease and observe how the teeth are growing. If you have any concerns about your child’s oral health or development, we are more than happy to address these.

We perform simple and quick cleanings on children to remove tartar build-up, and we’ll discuss how to clean your child’s teeth at home along with when and how to make the transition to self-care. Preventive treatments such as fluoride and sealants may also be discussed if needed.

Same-Day Emergency Appointments

Kids will be kids, and accidents happen. If your child happens to catch a baseball with their mouth instead of a glove, we’ll be there with same-day emergency appointments to relieve pain, assess the damage, and plan treatment.

While parents are justifiably concerned about their kids losing permanent teeth, many parents don’t realize that losing baby teeth too early is just as much of an emergency. Baby teeth serve several important functions, one of which is acting as “placeholders” for the permanent teeth. If they are lost too soon, the other teeth may drift slightly, and the permanent teeth may come in crooked, twisted, or behind other teeth. If your child knocks out or chips a baby tooth, call us promptly for an appointment.

We look forward to providing quality dental care to your entire family. Call us today to schedule your child’s dental appointment with Sugar Land dentist Dr. Reagan Grizzle and simplify at least one part of your life!