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Pediatric Dentistry

Absolutely! We love treating children, and children love coming here. We know that it is important to our patients to be able to keep appointments simple and convenient. We make it easy for your entire family to get total dental care in one location. We can schedule appointments so that you and your child receive treatment when it works in your schedule. That means no traveling across town for your child’s dental appointments.

 Our Sugar Land dental team is accustomed to treating children in our office. They know how to communicate to make your child feel comfortable and at ease with receiving treatment. We explain their treatment in a way that helps them understand what is going to happen so they are not afraid.

Dr. Regan Grizzle is especially good with children. His kind nature and gentle touch are a great combination to start your little one out on the right foot with their dental health. Kids enjoy their dental visits in our office and our focus on diagnosis and prevention keeps them healthy.

Are you looking for a highly skilled compassionate dentist that can treat your whole family? Call our office to schedule your child’s next dental appointment. We look forward to treating your entire family and supporting your overall dental health and wellness.

At Dr. Reagan Grizzle’s office, we welcome your children to our practice. We believe treating the entire family provides the convenience and continuity of care that parents really appreciate. We truly enjoy treating children and have a special gift when it comes to making them feel at home.

The first line of defense against cavities and other common dental problems faced by children is excellent home care, routine dental exams, and cleanings. Getting kids started early with excellent dental habits will help to ensure a lifetime of dental health.

Excellent home care begins with thorough brushing and flossing of each tooth. Until the age of eight, kids do not have the dexterity necessary to brush their own teeth so you will have to help. Once they start brushing their teeth on their own, checking in with them to make sure they got all of the areas is a good practice. Children sometimes miss the teeth in the very back because they are hard to reach.

In addition to brushing and flossing, regular dental visits can help to detect any early problems your child may have. When you bring your child for an exam, we will do a thorough cleaning and examine each tooth. If we see something that requires your attention, we will be sure to let you know.

We do our best to clean your child’s teeth quickly and thoroughly because we know they have a limited attention span. If their home care is good, a dental hygiene appointment should take no longer than thirty minutes.

If necessary, we may take to time to help both parents and children learn the proper techniques to take care of their child’s teeth so that we can avoid things like decay and periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is common in children when their home care is not sufficient or inconsistent. Some medications may also increase the risk of periodontal disease in kids. If your child’s gums bleed when you brush them, it’s time to give us a call.

If we find decay at your child’s dental appointment, we will most likely need to schedule them for treatment on another date. Delaying treatment or too long puts their teeth at risk because decay never resolves on its own. It often gets worse and can cause bad breath and pain for your child.

Simply avoiding sugary snacks is not enough. Your child needs to brush and floss their teeth twice daily and have regular exams to stay healthy. Children will need your assistance with brushing and flossing until they acquire the dexterity to do a good job on their own, usually not until after their eighth birthday.


The first thing you should do is to remain calm. Because of their nature, children have dental emergencies all of the time. If your child is bleeding severely, dizzy, unconscious, or has a head injury call 911 first. Their more critical wounds should be dealt with prior to their dental emergency.

If your child has a dental-only emergency and is in pain, call us right away. We want to help. Be prepared to tell us the nature of the emergency, when it happened, what teeth sustained damage (if any), and what caused the injury.

Did your child lose a tooth? If it is a baby tooth, we will not replace it, but if it is a permanent tooth, try to gently put it back in the tooth socket. If that is not possible, put it in a clean container of milk and bring it with you to their appointment, we may still save the tooth.

If your child is bleeding from their gums, have them rinse their mouth and then apply light pressure to the area. Do not press hard. Call us immediately and we will find an appointment time to take care of your child, diagnose the situation, and provide aftercare instructions.

At Dr. Regan Grizzle’s office, we recommend only the x-rays that are essential to proper diagnosis and treatment for your child. When we take x-rays, we look for things like decay and to make sure that their teeth are coming in correctly.

We know you love your child and parents worry about things like radiation exposure, but with today’s dental x-rays, your little one experiences exposure to the lowest level of radiation of all medical x-rays. We have special settings on our digital x-ray machines for their small frames and teeth. You get more radiation walking around outside.

Dental x-rays are safe and when you think about the benefits like early detection of common conditions such as orthodontic complications and decay, the risk is well worth it. Early orthodontic intervention in children can help to avoid many major problems down the line. We can recommend treatment at an early age and reduce overall treatment time.

We only take x-rays once yearly unless your child encounters a problem or we need to make a diagnosis mid-year. A commitment to early detection now means a lifetime of good dental health and wellness in the future.

Do you still have questions about x-rays for your child? Call us! Our helpful team members look forward to hearing from you.

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