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Kor Teeth Whitening

While most people who whiten their teeth according to the instructions from their dentist experience few or no side effects to professional teeth whitening, a small percentage of people experience some minor side effects.

The most common side effects of professional teeth whitening are gum tenderness and tooth sensitivity. Gum tenderness often comes from using too much gel in your take-home whitening trays. You can avoid gum tenderness by using only the recommended amount of professional whitening gel. The gel should cover the front of your teeth, but not coat your gums. If the gel touches your gums for extended periods, it may cause soreness.

Tooth sensitivity could occur due to the strength of the whitening gel, the frequency you whiten, or by leaving your trays in for extended periods of time. If you experience sensitivity, call our office and we can recommend steps you can take to achieve the white smile you want and feel comfortable while you do it.

We can give advice and offer products to reduce tenderness and sensitivity. Because each person is different, not every product works for everyone. We can make recommendations for alternatives to give you a dazzling white smile.

For more information or for questions about your specific product, contact our Sugar Land dental office today.

How long professional teeth whitening takes depends on a number of factors such as how frequently you whiten your teeth and what strength the solution is that you are using.

When we create custom trays for you, we will ask you a few questions about your teeth and if you experience sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth or if you have experienced sensitivity from whitening in the past, we may recommend a lower solution of whitening gel or a different formula altogether.

Products do exist to cut down on sensitivity from whitening and we can talk to you about those. It is always better to go slowly at first and see how you react to professional teeth whitening. If your gums feel irritated or your teeth feel sensitive to cold, back off for a few days and let the sensation subside.

With whitening several times a week, you should begin to see a difference after one week and reach your optimum whiteness after two to three weeks, depending on your level of staining. If you are touching up your teeth from a previous whitening treatment, it will take far less time to reach your maximum brightness.

You may notice that your teeth are not as white as they once were. Yellow staining because of food, drinks, or smoking can age your appearance. We offer options to improve the color of your teeth no matter what caused the discoloration. Whitening is more affordable and effective than ever.

Professional teeth whitening using the Kor whitening system or Opalescence gel can remove most surface staining. If your discoloration is resistant to bleaching, we can also look at more permanent solutions, including porcelain veneers.

Professional teeth whitening is easier to use and more effective than over the counter products. Over the counter products may not whiten evenly and can cause unnecessary sensitivity or blotchy results. When you whiten your teeth under Dr. Reagan Grizzle’s care, he will make sure that your professional whitening provides the outcome you desire.

Many of our patients decide to whiten their teeth prior to an important event or celebration like a wedding or reunion. Whitening also makes a great gift for friends and family who are looking to improve their appearance. Whatever the reason, we look forward to helping you achieve a whiter, brighter smile.

Call our office today to schedule a professional teeth whitening consultation with Sugar Land dentist Dr. Reagan Grizzle.

While professional teeth whitening is highly effective and easy to use, it can only whiten so far. If you have certain types of stains or if your teeth are naturally a darker shade, whitening may not be enough to fix the problem.

Professional teeth whitening works by whitening the stains your teeth acquire over time from habits such as coffee drinking, smoking, or eating a lot of dark fruits and vegetables. Essentially, Kor whitening bleaches those surface stains.

Some people are genetically pre-disposed to having darker colored teeth. Appearances can be deceiving, as well. People with a tan or darker skin tend to have whiter appearing teeth than their paler friends do.

Enamel is the part of the tooth that determines the color of your teeth because the dentin below your enamel is a yellow color, naturally. Whitening really only affects that outer enamel layer of your teeth. If your tooth is dark on the inside from one reason or another, we will likely need to explore other options for brightening up your smile.

Your teeth are not necessarily meant to be snow white, though some people prefer them that way. If you want a 100-watt smile, we can look at options to achieve your dazzling Hollywood look.

Many people experience no side effects at all from professional teeth whitening. When following directions properly, and under the supervision of your dentist, teeth whitening is incredibly safe and has no lasting side effects. If you use too much gel or try to hurry the process along by whitening too frequently, you could run into trouble.

When you use too much whitening gel and it oozes out of your trays and onto your gums, your gums can become irritated and even damaged, sloughing off and having white, damaged tissue. That is why it is so important to use only the recommended amount of whitening gel in your trays. Usually one small dot per tooth is enough.

Whitening too frequently can also cause discomfort and shooting pain or sensitivity when you drink cold beverages or breathe in cold air. You might be whitening too frequently. We know you are excited to improve your appearance, but you will feel more comfortable if you only whiten your teeth a few times a week instead of every single day.

If you experience sensitivity, take a break from whitening until the symptoms subside. If they continue, give us a call and we can suggest some products that might help reduce your symptoms enough that you can complete your treatment.

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