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Cosmetic Dentist

Many of our patients want to look and feel their best for special events like weddings and class reunions. Dr. Reagan Grizzle can help you improve your smile based on what it is you are looking for, the amount of time you have available, and your budget for cosmetic dentistry.

Some of our patients want to make small changes like professional teeth whitening because it makes them look younger and healthy. At your reunion, you will bump into friends you may not have seen for ages. When you flash them your beautiful smile, you want them to be dazzled.

Other patients use their reunion as a good time to take care of some cosmetic concerns that have bothered them for quite awhile. If you want veneers or to have your dark fillings replaced, Dr. Reagan Grizzle can accommodate your needs.

When scheduling your cosmetic consultation, it is important to leave enough time for us to complete your procedures before your special event. Several months or more would be ideal if you have any major dentistry in mind.

Also, having an idea of your budget helps us to design a realistic plan for you. We want to give you excellent results and stay within your financial reality. We can make improvements with almost any budget.

We certainly understand when our patients want to improve their appearance. Having a dazzling smile can give you the confidence to speak to a romantic interest, make better sales, talk in public, or just to feel proud of what you see when you look in the mirror.

Getting you that Hollywood smile depends on your current dental situation. If your teeth are worn, cracked, have deep stains, or are crooked, we may need to use a variety of procedures to take care of your needs.

We will likely start with professional teeth whitening so that all dentistry to follow is matched to your new whiter teeth. Because your natural teeth whiten, but porcelain and composite materials do not, whitening is a logical place to start.

Then we will create a custom design for the smile of your dreams. We may need to remove decay and infection first if it has been awhile since you visited the dentist. We want to put your new dentistry into a healthy environment to ensure success.

We will likely need to employ various procedures and techniques to create that perfect look. Procedures such as dental veneers can dramatically improve your smile in a relatively short period of time.

Call us to schedule your cosmetic consultation. We look forward to helping you achieve beauty, comfort, and function.

Many of our patients express a concern about the appearance of their teeth. They often think that cosmetic dentistry is out of their reach, but the truth is that making improvements to your smile can be affordable and easy.

Share with us what bothers you about your smile and we can give you an estimate for what it would take to eliminate the flaws that you see. We offer very affordable treatment such as whitening and bonding to help keep your smile looking young and beautiful. Both are quick and work well for people who want to make some minor aesthetic changes.

Are you looking to make more dramatic improvements? We can help with that, too. If your teeth are worn or broken, we can create a smile makeover treatment plan. This treatment plan can be as extensive as you want it to be. Some people want to address their front teeth and others would like us to address every tooth.

Whatever your cosmetic needs may be, Dr. Reagan Grizzle looks forward to helping you feel happy and comfortable with your smile. We know that your smile is the first impression you make when you meet people and we want to help you make it a good one. Our office team caters to what you want as an individual.

Most of our patients are concerned about cost, especially when the procedure is elective. Most insurance companies won't pay for procedures that are purely cosmetic in nature such as teeth whitening and dental veneers. Some procedures, like crowns and bridges, serve both a cosmetic and a functional purpose, and in those cases, your insurance may cover them.

Hundreds of different dental insurance plans exist and each of them has different rules for coverage. We can help you find out what your insurance plan will and won't cover. Our helpful and knowledgeable team partners with you to help make getting the dentistry you want easy and convenient.

If your procedure is not covered by your insurance, we can help find a way to work it into your budget so that it does not create a financial hardship. We accept most major credit cards as well as Care Credit, which is a third party financing company.

We can also group your procedures out over time, addressing the most significant issues first and then moving on to less significant ones so that you can move forward with your cosmetic dental treatment.

If you have specific questions regarding dental coverage, please contact our Sugar Land office. We can give you specific answers once you provide us with some of your information.

When we create custom smiles for our patients, we spend a lot of time finding what you want. Some people want a perfect Hollywood look with white dazzling teeth and do not care whether it looks entirely natural or not. Others want an improved smile that looks like they had it all along. The choice is yours to make and we will do our best to help you get the perfect smile for you.

When we bring you in for a consultation, we will look at smiles and decide what type of look you are going for. When you have a full mouth cosmetic makeover, the possibilities are endless. You can have just about anything you want as long as your dentistry remains functional because that is the most important part. Having beautiful teeth makes no sense if you can’t chew!

We control how dramatic your smile makeover will be with a couple of factors. First, we match the shape and size of the teeth we design to your current facial features. Big teeth in a small mouth will look silly. Small teeth in a big mouth just will not get the job done. We carefully chose the size and shape so they make sense.

We also carefully choose the shade of your dentistry so that it looks realistic for your age and skin tone. We can show you more about this at your exam. 

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