I whitened my teeth, but would still like them whiter. What can I do?

While professional teeth whitening is highly effective and easy to use, it can only whiten so far. If you have certain types of stains or if your teeth are naturally a darker shade, whitening may not be enough to fix the problem.

Professional teeth whitening works by whitening the stains your teeth acquire over time from habits such as coffee drinking, smoking, or eating a lot of dark fruits and vegetables. Essentially, Kor whitening bleaches those surface stains.

Some people are genetically pre-disposed to having darker colored teeth. Appearances can be deceiving, as well. People with a tan or darker skin tend to have whiter appearing teeth than their paler friends do.

Enamel is the part of the tooth that determines the color of your teeth because the dentin below your enamel is a yellow color, naturally. Whitening really only affects that outer enamel layer of your teeth. If your tooth is dark on the inside from one reason or another, we will likely need to explore other options for brightening up your smile.

Your teeth are not necessarily meant to be snow white, though some people prefer them that way. If you want a 100-watt smile, we can look at options to achieve your dazzling Hollywood look.

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