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Why is everyone talking about dental implants?

Everyone is talking about dental implants because they are a great option to replace missing teeth. When you lose a tooth, your bone may begin to recede because your tooth helps to stabilize your bone as much as your bone stabilizes your tooth. When tooth loss destroys that relationship, your oral health declines and places your adjacent and opposite teeth at risk.

Once bone begins to recede, it becomes a ticking clock. Getting an implant placed as quickly as possible after you heal from an extraction is essential. In order for successful implant placement, you need to have enough bone remaining or you could require a bone graft.

Implants are superior to other tooth replacement options for other reasons, as well. Since implants are similar to your natural tooth in that they integrate with your bone, you can chew on them just like you would chew on your natural tooth.

Because the mechanical part of an implant hides beneath your implant crown, your dental implant will look like a natural tooth. No one will likely notice the difference unless you point it out.

You should floss and brush your implant just like a natural tooth, making implant care incredibly easy for even the busiest of people.



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