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Will my new smile look natural?

When we create custom smiles for our patients, we spend a lot of time finding what you want. Some people want a perfect Hollywood look with white dazzling teeth and do not care whether it looks entirely natural or not. Others want an improved smile that looks like they had it all along. The choice is yours to make and we will do our best to help you get the perfect smile for you.

When we bring you in for a consultation, we will look at smiles and decide what type of look you are going for. When you have a full mouth cosmetic makeover, the possibilities are endless. You can have just about anything you want as long as your dentistry remains functional because that is the most important part. Having beautiful teeth makes no sense if you can’t chew!

We control how dramatic your smile makeover will be with a couple of factors. First, we match the shape and size of the teeth we design to your current facial features. Big teeth in a small mouth will look silly. Small teeth in a big mouth just will not get the job done. We carefully chose the size and shape so they make sense.

We also carefully choose the shade of your dentistry so that it looks realistic for your age and skin tone. We can show you more about this at your exam. 

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