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How long does it take to see results from professional teeth whitening?

How long professional teeth whitening takes depends on a number of factors such as how frequently you whiten your teeth and what strength the solution is that you are using.

When we create custom trays for you, we will ask you a few questions about your teeth and if you experience sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth or if you have experienced sensitivity from whitening in the past, we may recommend a lower solution of whitening gel or a different formula altogether.

Products do exist to cut down on sensitivity from whitening and we can talk to you about those. It is always better to go slowly at first and see how you react to professional teeth whitening. If your gums feel irritated or your teeth feel sensitive to cold, back off for a few days and let the sensation subside.

With whitening several times a week, you should begin to see a difference after one week and reach your optimum whiteness after two to three weeks, depending on your level of staining. If you are touching up your teeth from a previous whitening treatment, it will take far less time to reach your maximum brightness.

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