How can sedation dentistry help my dental phobia?

When you come to our dental office, we want to help you to feel completely comfortable. We know that many of our patients have a fear of the dentist and they may not even be sure why, but just the idea of visiting a dental office creates anxiety.

Sedation dentistry helps in a couple of ways. First, the medication we use for sedation dentistry makes you feel completely relaxed. Most patients have no memory of their procedure. We still numb you just like usual so you don’t feel a thing and the medication takes the edge off your anxiety.

Secondly, your awareness of the sights, sounds, and smells of the dental office will be dulled. Things that bothered you before like the sound of the suction or the smells of the materials we use will not be an issue when you are sedated. Sensory triggers increase anxiety and sedation helps to dull those senses.

Our goal is to provide you with outstanding care and Dr. Reagan Grizzle is able to perform his job more effectively if you feel good about your appointment. If you ever considered sedation dentistry to ease your anxiety, please ask us about it. We would rather have your dental experience be a positive one.

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