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Should I replace my amalgam (silver) fillings?

Many patients have concerns about their mercury fillings and wonder if they should have them replaced either because they are breaking down or because they have an ugly appearance. Dr. Reagan Grizzle is extremely skilled at replacing your amalgam fillings with more attractive composite fillings. His expertise can make the process of filling replacement easy and safe. Dr. Grizzle has replaced thousands of old fillings with new stable ones.

Any fillings can break down over time because of the force of chewing and the conditions inside your mouth. Once fillings break down, you could get secondary decay around the margins of your fillings. Secondary decay can put your teeth at risk and may cause deep decay and pain. So, if you notice sensitivity or pain in your teeth, let us know right away. We can do an exam to determine the cause and get you taken care of and back on track to good health.

If your metal fillings have come loose or are leaking, let us know and we can replace them with tooth-colored composite fillings. If you want them replaced for other reasons, such as aesthetics, schedule a consultation appointment so we can discuss the pros and cons of replacing your fillings.

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