Does professional tooth whitening have side effects?

While most people who whiten their teeth according to the instructions from their dentist experience few or no side effects to professional teeth whitening, a small percentage of people experience some minor side effects.

The most common side effects of professional teeth whitening are gum tenderness and tooth sensitivity. Gum tenderness often comes from using too much gel in your take-home whitening trays. You can avoid gum tenderness by using only the recommended amount of professional whitening gel. The gel should cover the front of your teeth, but not coat your gums. If the gel touches your gums for extended periods, it may cause soreness.

Tooth sensitivity could occur due to the strength of the whitening gel, the frequency you whiten, or by leaving your trays in for extended periods of time. If you experience sensitivity, call our office and we can recommend steps you can take to achieve the white smile you want and feel comfortable while you do it.

We can give advice and offer products to reduce tenderness and sensitivity. Because each person is different, not every product works for everyone. We can make recommendations for alternatives to give you a dazzling white smile.

For more information or for questions about your specific product, contact our Sugar Land dental office today.

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