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Can you use laser cavity detection on teeth with fillings?

Laser cavity detection is incredibly useful for detecting cavities below the surface. Because fluoride had made enamel harder and mare stable, microscopic bacteria are sneaking into our teeth and eating them up from the inside out. While harder, healthier enamel is good, it does pose a challenge when it comes to the accurate diagnosis of dental caries.

The laser senses density and can find its way into the smallest of openings in your tooth and determine not only the presence of dental decay, but also the extent of the dental decay.

While laser cavity detectors work on the margins of amalgam fillings, composite (white) fillings will not work with laser cavity detection because of its density. Composites throw off the readings, leading to an inaccurate diagnosis.

Dental sealants also interfere with laser cavity detection. In order to use the laser, we must first remove your sealants.

We can use other measures to diagnose caries. We still have digital x-rays, visual inspection, and plenty of preventative measures to keep your teeth healthy. We use all of the methods available in order to protect your teeth.

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