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Will my insurance pay for cosmetic dental procedures?

Most of our patients are concerned about cost, especially when the procedure is elective. Most insurance companies won't pay for procedures that are purely cosmetic in nature such as teeth whitening and dental veneers. Some procedures, like crowns and bridges, serve both a cosmetic and a functional purpose, and in those cases, your insurance may cover them.

Hundreds of different dental insurance plans exist and each of them has different rules for coverage. We can help you find out what your insurance plan will and won't cover. Our helpful and knowledgeable team partners with you to help make getting the dentistry you want easy and convenient.

If your procedure is not covered by your insurance, we can help find a way to work it into your budget so that it does not create a financial hardship. We accept most major credit cards as well as Care Credit, which is a third party financing company.

We can also group your procedures out over time, addressing the most significant issues first and then moving on to less significant ones so that you can move forward with your cosmetic dental treatment.

If you have specific questions regarding dental coverage, please contact our Sugar Land office. We can give you specific answers once you provide us with some of your information.

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