Can you help me look great for my class reunion?

Many of our patients want to look and feel their best for special events like weddings and class reunions. Dr. Reagan Grizzle can help you improve your smile based on what it is you are looking for, the amount of time you have available, and your budget for cosmetic dentistry.

Some of our patients want to make small changes like professional teeth whitening because it makes them look younger and healthy. At your reunion, you will bump into friends you may not have seen for ages. When you flash them your beautiful smile, you want them to be dazzled.

Other patients use their reunion as a good time to take care of some cosmetic concerns that have bothered them for quite awhile. If you want veneers or to have your dark fillings replaced, Dr. Reagan Grizzle can accommodate your needs.

When scheduling your cosmetic consultation, it is important to leave enough time for us to complete your procedures before your special event. Several months or more would be ideal if you have any major dentistry in mind.

Also, having an idea of your budget helps us to design a realistic plan for you. We want to give you excellent results and stay within your financial reality. We can make improvements with almost any budget.

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