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How can you help me improve the appearance of my teeth?

Many of our patients express a concern about the appearance of their teeth. They often think that cosmetic dentistry is out of their reach, but the truth is that making improvements to your smile can be affordable and easy.

Share with us what bothers you about your smile and we can give you an estimate for what it would take to eliminate the flaws that you see. We offer very affordable treatment such as whitening and bonding to help keep your smile looking young and beautiful. Both are quick and work well for people who want to make some minor aesthetic changes.

Are you looking to make more dramatic improvements? We can help with that, too. If your teeth are worn or broken, we can create a smile makeover treatment plan. This treatment plan can be as extensive as you want it to be. Some people want to address their front teeth and others would like us to address every tooth.

Whatever your cosmetic needs may be, Dr. Reagan Grizzle looks forward to helping you feel happy and comfortable with your smile. We know that your smile is the first impression you make when you meet people and we want to help you make it a good one. Our office team caters to what you want as an individual.

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