What happens at my dental cleaning appointment?

At each dental cleaning appointment, our hygienist makes a thorough inspection of your teeth, looking for any areas of concern. If our hygienist notices something that requires Dr. Grizzle’s attention, she will let him know right away because prevention and early treatment are both important.

In addition to a visual examination, our skilled hygienist performs an oral cancer screening. That means we look over all of the soft tissue inside your mouth and including your lips, under your tongue, and the back of your throat looking for any suspicious lesions. While oral cancer is not a common form of cancer, we examine all of our patients since we are the ones who see you every six months and would notice changes.

We may also perform a periodontal evaluation, a measurement of your gums, to determine if your gums are healthy.

Last but not least, our hygienist performs a professional teeth cleaning for you making sure to remove any tartar and plaque from your teeth. No matter how diligent your dental care is at home, your toothbrush and floss can simply not reach in every area of your mouth. Professional dental cleanings utilize special instruments to remove plaque and bacteria above and below your gum line. Then, we apply a special paste with a polisher to bring out the luster in your teeth.

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