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Can I get a filling instead of a crown?

When we do dentistry in our office, Dr. Regan Grizzle wants to make sure you receive an excellent value. That means getting giving our patients high quality dentistry that looks great, is completely comfortable, and lasts a long time. If your dentistry breaks down quickly and you have to have it redone in just a year or two, we feel that is not a good investment.

Dr. Grizzle will make a recommendation that will work best for you. In some cases that may mean that a large filling could work to repair your tooth. However, a crown may better protect your tooth and provide stability over a longer period of time.

We know that cost is a concern for most patients, but we also know that your time and comfort is valuable. That is why we recommend certain procedures over others. A crown is, by far, the most long-term solution for a damaged tooth. If your have cracks, a crown can prevent your tooth from requiring a root canal or from splitting down the middle, causing pain and requiring an extraction.

Ultimately which treatment you get is completely up to you. We commit to providing you with the most accurate information about your condition so you can make an educated decision regarding your dental health.

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