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Why do I need a dental exam when everything is fine?

Some of our patients wonder why dental exams are important at all, especially if nothing is going on. It may seem like Dr. Grizzle just looks inside your mouth and makes a determination that all is well, but what you may not realize is that he employs his expert diagnostic skills each time he looks in your mouth.

Dr. Reagan Grizzle does a visual assessment of your teeth noting any visible cracks or abnormal wear patterns that might indicate clenching, grinding, or problems with your bite. He looks for other problems like recession, broken cusps or visible decay.

If he sees something that concerns him, he will let you know right away. With many conditions, time is important. Sometimes when problems go untreated, they become bigger more costly dental issues.

At our Sugar Land dental office, we try to avoid dental problems with routine preventative treatments such as exams and cleanings. If a condition does arise, we make it a priority to treat it quickly and effectively while it is small. Any type of diagnosis requires Dr. Grizzle to confirm it. Dr. Grizzle is the one who is qualified to read and diagnose from x-rays and to make a treatment recommendation when it comes to your teeth. All of our preventative exams are to keep you in tiptop dental shape.

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