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Will my dental crown look fake?

When we create dentistry for our patients, we take a number of factors into account before designing the permanent restorations. If your dentistry is visible when you talk or smile, we will do our best to make sure it blends in with your surrounding teeth. We look at color, most certainly, but we also take your tooth’s shape, size, and unique characteristics into account when designing restorations.

We also want to provide the greatest comfort and function. So we weigh all of our options and tell you the benefits of each, allowing you to make the final decision when it comes to your treatment. For some patients, having the very best materials is incredibly important. For others, having greater comfort is most important. Fortunately, with advancements in dentistry and dental procedures, you can have both.

If aesthetics is important to you, you have more options than ever for dental restorations. From porcelain and metal to all ceramic restorations, today’s dentistry is gorgeous when created by a doctor and a skilled dental lab.

Dr. Grizzle has years of experience creating life like restorations for our patients. They come back to us repeatedly telling us they love how attractive and comfortable their smiles are.

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