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What should I do if my crown breaks?

We know that emergencies can happen at the most inconvenient times. We are available to our patients who experience a dental emergency outside of regular business hours. If you break a crown, bridge, or other dental restoration, please call us immediately. We can help to assess the situation and determine a time for you to come in for an emergency appointment.

Crowns come off for a variety of reasons. Sometimes if you have a strong bite, you can compromise your crown through the sheer force of chewing. The cement on your crown may deteriorate, causing your crown to come off. You could also have decay under your crown, making your tooth structure soft and unable to support a crown.

If your crown comes off and you have it, hold on to it for your appointment. We may be able to recement it if nothing serious is wrong with your tooth or the crown.

If you have lost or broken one of your crowns, call us as soon as possible. That way, we can find a time to repair your crown and prevent you from pain and sensitivity. It is important to repair your crown in a timely manner so that your teeth do not begin to shift.

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