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Can anyone have conscious sedation dentistry?

Approximately half of the population has some anxiety about the dentist. Our team is highly skilled in making even the most timid patients feel comfortable and relaxed for their appointments. We offer kind and compassionate care in a warm and welcoming environment. Our patients love how they feel when they are with us.

Sometimes our individualized care is enough to put patients at ease, but sometimes patients need help to feel comfortable. At Dr. Reagan Grizzle’s office, we offer oral sedation for the comfort of our patients.

Sedation is completely safe for most healthy people. However, because medications are involved, we will do a complete medical history prior to sedation to make sure it is safe for you. If you are pregnant, on certain medications, or suffer from certain conditions, we may need to come up with an alternate plan for your appointment.

Sedation utilizes medication instead of an IV to help patients relax. It is not as drastic as IV sedation, but you will still need someone to drive you to your appointment and drive you home because you will be groggy after your appointment.

Sedation is a safe and reliable method to reduce anxiety and increase comfort. Most patients report being completely relaxed and having little to no memory of their treatment.

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