Can composite material be used for cosmetic procedures?

Composite fillings come in many shades and when Dr. Reagan Grizzle polishes them to a smooth shine, you cannot tell the difference between your filling and your tooth. Sometimes people chose to replace their old amalgam fillings because they darken your tooth and make it look gray.

However, aside from replacing black mercury fillings, we often use composite material to improve the appearance of your smile. When you have small flaws in your teeth, you may feel self-conscious. We can fix many of the minor flaws with composite. Flaws such as gaps, chips, and worn teeth may not need a crown or veneer. The benefit of using composite to treat more minor cosmetic flaws is that we do not need to do extensive prep work on your tooth. Any time we can preserve your natural tooth is a win in our book.

If you have cosmetic flaws in your smile that you do not like, call and set up an evaluation. We can let you know all of your options once we do a thorough evaluation and describe all of your options. Cosmetic treatments like whitening and dental bonding are much quicker, easier, and more affordable than you might imagine. Dr. Reagan Grizzle can help you make the decision that best suits your needs.

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