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Why does my child need x-rays?

At Dr. Regan Grizzle’s office, we recommend only the x-rays that are essential to proper diagnosis and treatment for your child. When we take x-rays, we look for things like decay and to make sure that their teeth are coming in correctly.

We know you love your child and parents worry about things like radiation exposure, but with today’s dental x-rays, your little one experiences exposure to the lowest level of radiation of all medical x-rays. We have special settings on our digital x-ray machines for their small frames and teeth. You get more radiation walking around outside.

Dental x-rays are safe and when you think about the benefits like early detection of common conditions such as orthodontic complications and decay, the risk is well worth it. Early orthodontic intervention in children can help to avoid many major problems down the line. We can recommend treatment at an early age and reduce overall treatment time.

We only take x-rays once yearly unless your child encounters a problem or we need to make a diagnosis mid-year. A commitment to early detection now means a lifetime of good dental health and wellness in the future.

Do you still have questions about x-rays for your child? Call us! Our helpful team members look forward to hearing from you.

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