How can I keep my child's teeth healthy?

At Dr. Reagan Grizzle’s office, we welcome your children to our practice. We believe treating the entire family provides the convenience and continuity of care that parents really appreciate. We truly enjoy treating children and have a special gift when it comes to making them feel at home.

The first line of defense against cavities and other common dental problems faced by children is excellent home care, routine dental exams, and cleanings. Getting kids started early with excellent dental habits will help to ensure a lifetime of dental health.

Excellent home care begins with thorough brushing and flossing of each tooth. Until the age of eight, kids do not have the dexterity necessary to brush their own teeth so you will have to help. Once they start brushing their teeth on their own, checking in with them to make sure they got all of the areas is a good practice. Children sometimes miss the teeth in the very back because they are hard to reach.

In addition to brushing and flossing, regular dental visits can help to detect any early problems your child may have. When you bring your child for an exam, we will do a thorough cleaning and examine each tooth. If we see something that requires your attention, we will be sure to let you know.

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