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What if I break a dental veneer?

We fabricate your veneers from porcelain and not steel, so some caution is necessary when you have veneers. Porcelain helps us to achieve a natural tooth-like appearance for your dental veneers. We understand that accidents happen sometime and you may accidentally bite into something or knock something against your tooth, causing damage to your veneer.

If you break off a piece and you find it, please bring it with you. If you chipped your veneer, we may be able to make a minor, invisible repair depending on the location of the chip. Call us right away.

If your veneer feels loose, do not go to sleep with a loose veneer in your mouth, give us a call and we can schedule an emergency visit with you so you do not end up swallowing your dentistry. If your veneer is loose, but all in one piece, we can likely repair it for you and re-cement it.

Your veneers are not as strong as healthy natural teeth, so exercising caution by not biting into something incredibly hard, sticky, or crunchy with your veneers. You should also maintain outstanding home care when it comes to oral hygiene. Decay and infection may destroy all of your beautiful dentistry. Brush and floss twice daily and keep your regular dental appointments.


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