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Are lasers safe for use in dentistry?

It is natural to be a little skeptical because new technology emerges all of the time. At Dr. Grizzle’s office, we do not just jump on every bit of new technology without doing research and making sure that it is truly something that benefits our patients. We know that patients don’t want to be bothered with a bunch of gadget just for the sake of using them. That is why Dr. Grizzle tests all of the equipment before he commits to it.

Dentists have used lasers in dentistry for decades now. From soft tissue lasers, used in gingival surgeries, to lasers used to prep teeth quickly and painlessly for procedures, lasers provide greater accuracy, comfort, and diagnostic benefits for our patients.

At Dr. Grizzle’s office, we use cavity laser detection as an additional tool to help prevent our patients from developing decay and requiring more extensive treatment. A lot of dentistry today is about prevention and anywhere we can save you from unnecessary treatment, we will.

Laser cavity detection works by shining a laser on your clean, dry tooth. The laser can penetrate your tooth through the smallest of fissures and determines the health of your tooth from the inside out, measures the level of decay, and its progression.


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