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How accurate is laser cavity detection?

Laser cavity detection is a relatively new innovation used to detect cavities that are inside your teeth. It only takes a few bacteria to eat away at the inside of your teeth. Because enamel is harder and stronger than ever, thanks to fluoride, x-rays cannot penetrate your enamel to see what is going on inside your tooth. That is where laser cavity detection comes in.

Not only can we use lasers to detect cavities, but we can also use the measurements to see if the decay has grown in size or remained the same. We can also use the lasers to determine how extensive the decay is and whether we should treat it immediately.

Laser cavity detection does have its limitations. When you already have composite fillings, we cannot use the laser to detect cavities because the composite material interferes with the laser and gives inaccurate readings. Sealants also prevent the lasers from working properly.

If you have old amalgam fillings, we can use the laser to take measurements around the margin of your old fillings in case the margins are breaking down and allowing cavities to form.

Combining all of our tools provides us with an arsenal of protection against some of the most common dental conditions.

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